Apologies in advance. This post is pretty much just mountain porn. Titlis @ Easter 0249 - 20160328But Switzerland! The Alps! It’s impossible to get complacent with them. Following our Easter morning indulgences, we got ourselves ready for a day on the slopes (skiing for the lads and hiking slipping on ice and tobogganing for the Purlers). As previously mentioned, the girl was not allowed to remove her Easter headband. Titlis @ Easter 0205 - 20160328We were destined for Mt Titlis, a nearby Alp that rises above the town of Engelberg. A popular ski run, it also has a glacier, revolving cable car, assorted vantage points and restaurants. We did our best tick off all of the above. Titlis @ Easter 0249 - 20160328Titlis @ Easter 0254 - 20160328Titlis @ Easter 0283 - 20160328Titlis @ Easter 0289 - 20160328All the while wearing Easter headwear, naturally.Titlis @ Easter 0336 - 20160328Not being skiers (yet…there’s always next season), we found a toboggan run and gave that our best shot. Not just for the baby, as it turned out.

We skidded over the ice, played on the slippery dip for a looooong time, and nowhere near burned off all the chocolate we continued to eat throughout the day. But it was tops. And, as always, the mountains were gobsmacking.  Titlis @ Easter 0324 - 20160328Titlis @ Easter 0330 - 20160328And that’s really all there is to say about that.

2 thoughts on “Titlis

    • The first time we went we just hung out at the baby / beginner ski slopes closer to Engelberg proper. I am embarrassed to admit I thought that was the main part of Titlis! Rude (and awesome) surprise when we went to the actual mountain.


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