I’m Wendy and my wee lass is Adelaide; together, we’re Hey Mamalaide. I’m an ex-professional, erstwhile student, new mama and chronic nicknamer who has just decamped from Australia to Switzerland, where I am working on eating all the cheese and chocolate. The vast majority of the snaps are taken by my main squeeze Tim (who is also half of the team known as Dadelaide, which has significantly less ring to it).

2 thoughts on “About

  1. hey Wendy and Heathcliffe (Tims new moniker, as it seems he is the dashing young fellow flitting in and out of your narrative) . I saw this, and if my suspicions are correct , you are the sole reason for the change in the middle class fortunes of all of Australia. No doubt you are proud of yourselves…


    Im torn between admiration and petty jealousy.
    But its ok, I have wine 🙂

    Love Bruce, Lee and the middle classes.


    • Ha! Excellent timing on our part but sadly no correlation (We wish; our middle class love of wine could use more fortune, as it were.)
      Also, love the new moniker but I suspect Tim has too much of the legendary Purtell Enthusiasm to ever be a true moody Heathcliff!


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