Swissnacks #2

The worst thing about The Great Chip Challenge is that it’s going to reveal, revoltingly, how many chips I am capable of eating (the best thing of course is that I get to eat said chips in the name of research). Let’s just pretend it’s all about international education and nothing to do with poor eating habits. And for the love of god, please nobody ask about candies.

The next out of the fryer is a Halloween treat, charmingly named Monster-Eyes. Why I chose this remains unclear. They had the texture of cheese and bacon balls and the flavour of dehydrated Campbell’s tinned tomato soup. The were hideous, but of course I should have known that. They, and too many glasses of crappy red wine (of which one glass was actually too many), were my dinner the other night because Tim was away and the baby had given crying her best effort yet (and also my body is a temple, clearly).


The other chosen treat were named Diavolo, complete with dancing devil. These were, according to Hotel, great chips. Thick, flavoursome and crunchy and a massive hit of chilli…only problem is, I really don’t like chilli chips. This was probably for the best though as it forced me to eat slightly more nutritious food in his absence.


We’ve had more luck with sweet treats – Tim brought home a Ragusa bar he’d been given at work the other day for me to taste. It was toasted hazelnuts covered in (essentially) nutella, and coated in ganache. Adelaide has just learned to clap (best trick ever) and I swear it was no coincidence that the skill emerged with the arrival of these bars of goodness in our house.

(Just for the record, we did actually eat vegetables last week as well. Honest.)

2 thoughts on “Swissnacks #2

  1. Hi Wendy. Rita here. I feel a bit guilty (as a recovering Catholic guilt is what I do best) for having asked you to review naughty food but at the same time I hope you keep on trying because I so enjoy reading the reviews. Like you I don’t like chilli chips but for some mysterious reason I recently bought (a huge) packet of chilli chips from Aldi and ate them all. The subsequent impact on the digestive system was not pleasant to say the least and I swore off chips; that is until today, when I bought a large container of Pringles and as they say once you pop you can’t stop. So as my body tries to cope with a Pringles binge I really enjoyed reading your review. The hazelnutty bars sound divine. Next time please have one for me. Rita x


    • Dude – I can assure you there would be a fair amount of poor food being eaten regardless; this just gives me justification (and moves my snacking away from a regrettable ‘food on a stick’ phase I went through a while ago!). xx


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