Our Nation’s Capital

A flash back to last weekend, where we traveled to Canberra for my sweet nephew’s first birthday. We did a road trip – it’s only a three hour drive away – but those three hours can seem like eternity with a munchkin who thinks the car is cruel torture (second only to the cot). We were lucky though – this time, she slept and played and only cried for about half an hour, so it was definitely a win.

This time of year the road is studded with wattle (and police cars). While she slept, we speculated about our first week in Switzerland – we’re planning to orientate ourselves in our new town, get as much sun as we can, find some local markets (for me) and parks (for her), and have a lovely lunch somewhere special on Sunday for Tim’s first official Father’s Day. It was surreal making plans for the unknown against such a familiar backdrop.

DSC_4987 DSC_4985 DSC_4978

Catching up with my sister was, as always, wonderful. The party was lovely; he’s an adorable child and it tugged at my heart a little that we won’t be closer to him as he grows. The little cousins don’t really play together yet, but they played sweetly near each other (and sometimes not so sweetly. Fletch pummelled into Adelaide’s butt and she poked at his eyes and pulled his hair, while Jen and I kept saying ‘gentle, gentle’ fruitlessly). They’re coming to visit us for Adelaide’s first birthday and the second Christmas for both kids, and I am already excited (mainly as I intend to make my sister decorate for the girl’s party).


Bubbles flowed freely (mostly!) as we celebrated not only the smiley, chilled, ridiculously chubby lad but also the fabulous job his folks are doing, and how much nicer the world is with him in it. (We also let the lass try cake for the first time. I am not sure how a child of mine is suspicious of cake.)

Fletch's 1st B'day - 0138 -20150822-2

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